Call for Abstracts

The virtual conference will be an immersive intense experience using various new technologies to provide an inclusive, low cost, and low environmental impact event. Instead of traveling to the conference to attend panels and deliver a talk, as speakers, you will do the following:

1Create and submit a video of your presentation with a maximum length of 10 minutes. You can record your video with a desktop computer, laptop, smartphone, or other devices. You can film yourself giving a talk or have a narrated slide show. You may also pursue a more ambitious edited video that combines you talking in your office, or the field, and slides and animations. It is now possible, and relatively easy, to record a good quality talk given the increase of relevant software availability. View our tips on how to make your video.

2Answer questions. During the conference, participants can ask you questions, and we expect you to respond to questions raised by your talk, submitted on the comments section of your presentation. You will receive an automated email each time someone posts a question or comment.

3View other presentations and ask questions to other speakers.

4Participate in Webinar conference panels. We organize a selected number of live discussions during the conference as Webinars, where a discussant and some presenters discuss with each other and address questions from the audience. Some webinar panels will bring together speakers of individual video presentations, and other webinar panels are proposed directly to the organizers.

5 Participate in networking events, which are Zoom meetings to meet people working on similar topics.

6 Participate in other conference events such as games, virtual field trips, etc.

If your abstract is accepted you will receive instructions on how to submit your video. Participants should submit their videos no later than June 1, 2021